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On May 9th, we held a presentation on the establishment of the political group “Voice of Nation”.
Mr. Kobayashi, the representative, spoke about the announcement of the name of the new political organization, its purpose and outline. the contents of the declaration of establishment by handwritten by Kobayashi . * It is prohibited to print out and distribute document drawings for election campaigns. Voice of public anger Declaration of establishment May 9, 2016 Satoshi Kobayashi The politics mission is to use national power to promote the happiness of sovereign citizens. For the people, the condition of happiness is freedom, wealth and peace.

However, the Abe administration first enacted a law that allowed war anywhere in the world. The reason for this is to protect Japan from the threats of China and North Korea. However, it is doubtful that the threats of both countries could actually exceed our national defense. And most of all, it cannot explain the contradiction to the government’s own interpretation that foreign troops cannot do because Article 9 of the Constitution prohibits the maintenance of military and the right to engage. That is because the government has publicly broken the constitution.

This is the crisis of constitutionalism. In other words, it means that a politician who has just been temporarily entrusted with power has begun to act freely, ignoring the constitution, which is the highest will of the sovereign citizens. This is the fall of the main customers in a national sovereign state and is not allowed. Next, the Abe administration has enacted a specific secret protection law that allows the government to keep secretly designated information confidential. This is unprecedented in a liberal society, and it blocks the right of sovereign citizens to know and deprives journalists of the freedom of the press.

In addition, the broadcasting law has been abused, and “unfair” labels have been put on the speech hurts for the government, which in turn has been expelled from the platform. This is a social slaughter that guarantees the diversity of speech that is the premise of democracy. In addition, as can be seen from the cloud of “cancellation” of the consumption tax re-increase this time, so-called Abenomics has failed. Losses due to speculative management of pension funds are also serious. In addition, the rising defense budget accompanying the enactment of the War Act is steadily reducing the wealth of Japan. Without seeing US experience, wars will surely lead national finance to bankruptcy. In addition, the war law that allowed overseas troops has made war danger a reality for our country, which has been peaceful for 70 years. This is also the abandonment of the brand as a “peaceful state” in the international community.

The basic policy is as follows.

1. Restoration of freedom of speech (non-intervention in the media)
2. Postponement of consumption tax re-increase and administrative and financial reform
3. Cancellation of Henoko new base construction and renegotiation with the United States
4. TPP disapproval and renegotiation
5. Nuclear power plant Abolition and conversion to new energy
6. shift to welfare and education of abolition and related budget of the laws of war, by the amendments of the change for the worse labor legislation, the realization of a society in harmony
7. prevention of the constitutional change for the worse